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Written by:  Melana Scantlin

I'm not a fashion blogger.  

Honestly, my favorite style begins with a soft pair of bleach-stained sweats and an over-sized gray t-shirt.  If I'm feeling really inspired, I'll throw on a denim jacket, a pair of Vans and grab a coffee, (my favorite accessory). 

Just-got-out-of-bed chic.

Nice to meet you.

As glamorous as schlepping around LA in "just-got-out-of-bed chic" sounds, here's the caveat: 

You can't "fan-girl" over Bravo star Josh Flagg at Coffee Bean and expect immediate best-friending. 

You can't.  Have you seen his hair?

Not ONE strand out of place.

To make matters worse, I had six weeks of roots surrounding a blonde top bun and breakage induced fly-aways gracing the nape of my neck.  

But, when you're a television host living in Los Angeles and your job requires you to be dressed like you're "in-the-know," you have to pay attention to equal parts fashion week and celeb street style, both driving the ever-changing trends on the left coast...

(you also have to wash and "do something" with your hair). 


I bring you sheKC's LA Trend Report.

THE LOOK:  Monochromatic. Think all white, all gray, all black.  Head to toe, one color.  I've been repeat offending all white for a couple of weeks now.  And because I'm addicted to coffee, I've purchased 74 shout wipes, (they really work).

THE KICKS:  Slides. Personally, I think some of them (cough, GUCCI) look like your grandfather's broken-in house shoe, but this is just a trend, not a life sentence.  Some of them even have fur..."Shawty with those apple bottom jeans and the slides with the fuuuurrrrrrrr..."

THE DENIM:  Cropped, frayed and fringe.  As in, above-ankle cropping with unfinished business on the bottom, aka "fringe" where the hem should be.

THE DRESS:  Midi. There's mini, midi and maxi (short, middle and long).  Midi leaves a little mystery, unlike the high maintenance mini, which often prompts a spray tan.  And let's be honest, maxi usually reads, "I didn't feel like shaving."

THE JACKET:  Moto.  As in Motorcycle jacket with all the zippery-zips (that you don't actually zip) and buckles (you know, that you'll never buckle).  Basic black leather is key.  EVERYONE in LA is buying the IRO jacket--it's buttery soft and just structured enough.  Formal dress?  Moto.  Jeans?  Moto.

HOW TO STYLE IT:  A la Paris Fashion Week 2013's "robing" (where you don't actually put your arms through the sleeves) girls are sort of throwing their outerwear over their shoulders.  Just hope you don't have to lift your arms above your waist, or half of your jacket is always falling off.  My advice?  Don't hug anyone and you'll remain, you know, "editorial."

THE TOP:  Off the shoulder. I'm a big fan!  Show a little collar bone and your "I-forgot-the-sunscreen-when-I-was-sixteen" freckles, (but brave the dreaded strapless bra).   

THE BAG:  Goyard.  Go yard, or go home.  Yeah?

ALWAYS ON-TREND:  A big heart for others.  You get it.

Melana Scantlin is a KC native, television host and interior stylist living in Los Angeles with her husband, John and dog, Grace.  She pens her own blog  You can also follow her on

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The sheKC in Me.  Why I'm doing this.

The sheKC in Me. Why I'm doing this.