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One word... PACKAGING!

Written by:  Brooke

Seriously, it's a problem. If the packaging is cute, I'm buyin' it. I eyeballed a particular brand of ice cream in the freezer section at Target for a solid two months. TWO MONTHS! I wouldn't get it because for a pint it was literally almost $6. That's twice as much as regular, boring packaged ice cream. I couldn't do it. But boy, did I think about it.

One day after a LOT of thought and an occasional dream or two about this ice cream that is so adorably packaged, it HAD to taste amazing, right? I went for it. Marched right through Target straight to the cold section and grabbed that sucker. 

I went home, hid it in the freezer (I love my children and my hubby, but this $6 carton of sure-to-be Heaven was mine.  All mine.) 

Ah. Everyone went to bed that night. It was time. I would finally get to taste the best ice cream known to man. I'm tellin' ya, the packaging was that good.

I scooped out my first bite and... um, it tasted exactly like... the $2.50 gallon ice cream. Actually, that stuff might have even tasted better. Talk about disappointment! I waited so long for... THAT? 

Moral to the story, don't be fooled by cute packaging. I wanna tell you that I learned my lesson, but really, who am I kidding?!

**Side note from Jenny who has never had a Diet Coke in her entire life.  Yep.  Almost bought a 12-pack of those crazy cute floral pattern wrapped Diet Cokes on the end cap in Target (you know you saw them too).


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