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she3: A park, dinner tonight + a great probiotic.


Written by:  Jenny

1. In the summer, a nanny helps us out with the kiddos during the day while we work. She discovered this park and took them yesterday. They LOVED it! In case you don't know about it, here ya go! Dagg Park

2. I'm not the world's greatest cook. Not sure why not because my mom is one of the world's best! I'm always looking for one dish easy meals. Have you tried this one yet? It's about as basic as it gets, but I'm tellin' ya -- DELISH! If you need a break from grilling tonight, try it!  Easy Chicken

3. I'm taking antibiotics right now because my children love to put their hands in their mouths and I love to kiss their faces off. They get the crud. I get the crud. It's just the way it goes. You get it. Anyway, antibiotics crush my intestines. But, I started taking this AWESOME brand, recommended to me by my sister. No problems at ALL, in fact my stomach feels better than ever. I think I'm gonna continue to take them even after the meds are gone. Probiotic


she3: It's all about Dad.

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