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Pink Eye, Shmink Eye...

Pink Eye, Shmink Eye...

Written by:  Jenny

So, a while back, I bought what proved to be the best mascara I have ever used in my life.  And trust me, I have tried them all.  Or at least 25 of them.  

I'm a sucker for mascara commercials and ads too.  I'm pretty much buyin' whatever they're sellin' if they give me a visual and tell me my lashes are going to fan out and look glamorous.  

Yeah.  Like that.

Sephora.  It's a problem.  Kid in a candy store?  Me in Sephora.

That's where I found the fantastic Benefit brand 'They're Real!' lengthening mascara.

It didn't clump.  It didn't smudge.  It stayed on.  It made my lashes look glorious. Little hard to remove.  But, whatever.  Price to pay for the curl and volume of the lashes.  Beauty = pain.  Or something like that.

A couple weeks after buying and using this gem, I contracted the LOVELY 'Pink Eye' from my adorable child.  Ahhh - nothin' like waking up with eyes glued shut... the goop... the funk... it's a LOT of fun if you've never experienced it.

Well, you're supposed to chuck all of your eye make-up after a round of Conjunctivitis (thanks WEB MD).  However, I had just spent about $25 on the mascara.  I was not about to toss it, are you kidding me?

So, yeah, I'm a rebel like that.  I continued to use it.  For days... weeks... months.  I literally kept re-infecting myself with Pink Eye.  I constantly had 'sticky eye'.  Even a little discomfort.  Ultimately, severe dry eye issues.  But, dang it, my lashes were on POINT!  Yes, beauty definitely = pain.  

I started to panic a little.  Because, that's what I do.  About pretty much everything in life.  I started to wonder if I was dabbling a little too much in the danger zone -- could I go blind over saving $25 on mascara?  I started to see the light - through the goop.  

I threw it away.  I mean, honestly, there was hardly any left anyway.

Final thoughts.  I stand by it, it's a great mascara and like many things you'll read on sheKC, not a soul is paying me to say that.  I just wanna spread the word about the good stuff I come across!  That said, don't try this at home kids.  Pink Eye doesn't play.

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