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Blind bags.

Written by: Jenny

Can we discuss blind bags for a sec? Not familiar? Let me explain.

Some GENIUS, somewhere invented these things. A foil bag you can't see through. Inside = a figurine. Could be Lion Guard.  Could be Shopkins. Could be Superman. Could be My Little Pony. Blind bags they are aplenty.

Here's the problem with this exciting item for sale at your local Target, Walmart and oh, looky! They're at Kohls now. Mom gets talked into buying $3.99 - $5.99 (way overpriced) blind bag. Toy inside is NOT what kid has mind on. Kid FLIPS the flippity-flip out and causes a very dramatic scene in the middle of the store of your choosing. Kid begs mom for another until the desired prize is acquired.

Right?! You see the problem.

Or, is the problem mom who gets suckered into buying these things in the first place? I need to soul search.  I'll be back. (Somewhere genius blind bag inventor is on a yacht laughing... and laughing...)



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