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I Just Need a Cookie.

Written by: Jenny Diehl, mom of 2 in KC

You know those days when you come home from work and you’ve got about a million things to do before you can crawl under the sheets? You know the nights I’m talking about, when the laundry is so backed up, your towel hamper has become an over-spill clothes hamper, when the odds and ends crap that belongs to your kids is just everywhere, and every time you turn around, there seems to be another little toy on the floor, or mysterious mess that has just seemed to pop up out of nowhere? 

When both of your children are just off the damn chain, are fighting bedtime with everything they have, and you used up your last bit of patience on that less-than-pleasant person at work.

The nights when you’d be totally fine blowing your entire diet for the day on a batch of your momma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, with an entire carton of milk that contains ALL the calories.

If you’re a mom, I know you’re envisioning this night with a familiar memory. The night your son just wants to watch one more episode of Curious George, and your baby daughter is fussy because she just wants to be held. These are the nights that exhaustion has set in, and you just want to sit down on the floor, Indian style, and just have a good cry by yourself.

These are by far my favorite nights. These are the nights that I can feel just how much I got to jam pack into one day. The nights that I feel most accomplished as a woman and a working mommy. On my busiest days, that is when I realize that I’m the most thankful. Thankful for the rush of the day, trying to fit everything and everyone in from sun up to sun down. These are the days that make me happy. Tired and happy. These are the days I wouldn’t trade for a single day's peace.


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