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Inner Feelings: Words on a Mission

Written by: Elaina Huffman

Hello!  My name is Elaina Huffman and I am a wife and mother of three amazing children and reside in Overland Park, KS.  Here is a little back history of my story and how Inner Feelings came about.  

In the Summer of 2010, I started Miss Brooklynn Productions (MBP) with a good friend of mine, Jessica Dallen. We created this company with the sole purpose and mission  to help break the low self-esteem in young girls of today.  Recognizing that low esteem was at a crisis level, we created programs and offered camps that built self confidence, leadership and developed inner beauty in young girls.  We also hosted several "Inner Beauty Pageants" that celebrated the inner beauty and built confidence in each and every girl that participated.  What was really special is that EVERY young lady was crowned with a tiara on stage and felt so good about themselves,  as each girl should!

We continued this journey for 3.5 years and decided that we needed to put this mission on hold for a bit, as we each put more focus into our own families and raising our own children. But,  in the back of our minds...we just knew that MBP would resurface again and even better than ever! We would also be blessed with the financial funds to be able to take our efforts of MBP to the next level.

That brings us to January 2016 when I personally launched, Inner Feelings: Words on a Mission. I began working on the concept of this brand in the Spring of 2015, with the intent of creating a retail line of products that could help fund MBP and the mission of helping young girls with confidence and leadership!  

The first product launch is a signature hat with (5) interchangeable patches, all expressing one's "feelin'" for the day. This Inner  Feelings Starter Set includes:  feelin' Happy, feelin' Blessed, feelin' Strong, feelin' Brave, and my signature "if." logo.  Why did I start with those "feelings"?   Because I truly feel they all are such different emotions, but create the same state of confidence and purpose!  And yes...many more "feelin's" will be introduced for patch designs.

I am so excited for the next chapter of this journey and I  feel the best is yet to come!  I know I cannot change the world, but I can help change how people feel about themselves and begin to help grow a new generation of confident leaders!  

Check out the sheSHOP, here at -- you can purchase one of the adorable hats!

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