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she3: Clutter, Cheetos + Smartphones.

Written by: Jenny

1. I'm OCD by nature, so I do not have a ton of clutter. It hurts my brain when things are out of order. If you're the opposite and can function perfectly with a mess... honestly, I wish I had a little more of that in my soul! Here's an interesting article though about how clutter actually affects your health! 

2. Um, so do you like Cheetos as much as I do? Get rich eating Cheetos. Yep, I said it. Check THIS out! I'm all over it.

3. Please tell me you're not reading this in a dark room? Because, you can go blind. Yes, I'm a hypochondriac, but there's actual scientific proof that using your phone in the dark can cause MAJOR eye problems, like blindness. Read on - who knew?


Mama Bear.

Love Yours.