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Can we discuss sports bras for a sec?

Can we discuss sports bras for a sec?

Written by:  Jenny

If someone can give me a good reason why pretty much every sports bra out there these days has removable pads, that would be super because to be perfectly honest with you?  I don't get it! Why would you remove the pads?  They're not that thick, so it's not like it's adding a ton of enhancement.  For me (and maybe I'm alone here?) -- I gotta be blunt... it's all about covering the nip, right?!

So, I had sports bras from about 1998 that I refused to part with because they didn't have the removable pads.  Whenever I wore them, my husband would scrunch up his face and ask why I didn't just splurge on some new ones?  It might be time?  

Oh, it was time.  But, I couldn't find any freakin' new ones without the removable pads.  #firstworldproblems

I realized this problem wasn't only mine as once I was shopping at Dick's and ran into a good friend scouring the sports bra department desperately seeking... yep... a sports bra without pads.

Then one glorious day not long ago, I discovered quite possibly the best sports bra known to man.  Thank you Victoria's Secret for inventing the Lightweight...

And SO cute, right?  So many fun patterns and colors and the price?  $25!  I think that's a bargain for what truly is the perfect weight (light, hence the name).  No removable pads. Great support.  Comfy.  Boom.  I stocked up and finally threw away my old ones.

It's the little victories in life, right?

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