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ShayleeLately's Must See Shows in KC Summer 2016!

Hey there, quick note from Jenny!  Do you have that friend who is definitely a friend.  But, is also a sister?  That's what Shaylee is to me.  My little sis who keeps me in the loop about all things... younger.  Than 40.  She.  Is.  Everywhere.  She is constantly at one event or the other, trying out restaurants, going to shows of all musical genres, traveling locally and abroad.  She knows her stuff.  I'd like you to meet one of my favorite people in KC (well, the world, actually) She'll blog often about her experiences and give you her picks on shows and events so you can plan your summer and beyond! 


I’m fully convinced that with the right amount of caffeine (which I’m currently trying to find), I could rule the world. I’m a Promotions Director in the media field which means I’m always on the go and at any given time I’m probably on my computer, answering a text and talking to someone simultaneously. That said, I'm in one of the most fun industries on the planet and it certainly doesn’t feel like 'work' when I get to combine my love of music, concerts and creativity on a daily basis. The baristas at Starbucks know my order and what time I come in (everyone needs a spot where everybody knows your name, right?)

I’ve traveled a little bit in my day, so I feel I have some credibility saying this: there is truly no place in the world like Kansas City. Let me give you a quick breakdown on my passport:

  • Born in India
  • Adopted & moved to Minnesota
  • Moved to Kansas City

Since then, I’ve been to 7 countries, 3 continents, but still haven’t been to all 50 states.

I truly can’t imagine living in a cooler city.  Our BBQ is better than everyone else, we are the city of fountains, and everyone looks good in royal blue, right?!  We are so fortunate that we always have great concerts making their way through town! I'm all about list making, so naturally I'm making a list of the MUST see concerts this summer: 

Top 3 Not-to-Miss Shows Summer 2016:

Red, White, and Boom (June 17th at Silverstein Eye Centers Arena) - When you hear a great song, it hits you. You know what I mean, you feel it deep in your soul and you do one of two things:
1: Stop and just listen, you can’t do anything else but feel the music.
2: Start singing and dancing wherever you are (even if it’s in the middle of a grocery store and you end up knocking over a Coke display.  Not that I’ve done that… anyway, moving on…).

This show is going to give you all the feels: deep soul vibes from Andra Day, catchy dance songs from Timeflies, and some serious sass from Meghan Trainor and it’s all for under $20? Sign me up.


Country Stampede (June 23rd - 25th at Tuttle Creek Campground in Manhattan, KS) - If you like country music, this is your Coachella. This annual festival has some of the biggest names in country music and is a non-stop, three-day party.  Did I mention Sam Hunt will be there? (insert emoji with heart eyes here)

Drake and Future (July 23rd at Sprint Center) - Because… duh?  Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman... Woo!


My2K Tour (August 20th at KC Live Block) - This is going to be the only acceptable way to close the summer. Pardon my excitement, but THIS TOUR IS THE BEST NEWS THAT HAPPENED TO EVERY FEMALE MILLENNIAL IN THE HISTORY OF EVER! Ryan Cabrera, Dream, O-Town AND 98 Degrees? Be still my 14-year-old heart! One of my favorite things about music is the power it has to instantly transport you back to a time and place after a few lyrics or beats.  For me, this show is going to bring me back to drinking Surge, staying up late with my friends and dancing to Britney Spears in my basement. I can’t wait!  

Okay, *technically* I gave 4 must see concerts, but do you blame me? Kansas City has a ton of awesome shows coming up, narrowing it down was harder than you’d think!

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Can we discuss sports bras for a sec?