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Are you an online dater? THIS is a MUST-read.

Written by:  Jenny with Kala Spigarelli, President of

So, a person very near and dear to me lost her husband.  Honestly?  I never thought she'd date again.  They were one of those amazing 'forever couples'.  However, as the years passed and her loneliness grew, she opened up her heart to another man.  From the sidelines, I was just happy to see her smile again.  Were there some red flags?  Sure.  But, I think in the end, seeing her joy won.

Flash forward.  Do you remember those episodes of Oprah where women would tell their horror stories of men who wrecked their lives emotionally, sometimes physically and financially? The outrageous stories that you almost couldn't believe because they were SO horrible?  I think you see where this is going.  THAT happened.  To this person in my life who is beautiful, SMART, kind. I wanna throw in SMART one more time to show that this sort of thing can happen to ANYONE. Evil people exist.  They prey on the good.  Bad men exist who do good women wrong.  I saw it firsthand.

If ONLY something like THIS would have existed when she was entering the dating world for the second time.  Online dating wasn't even a 'thing' when she met her husband.  Now?  It's a pretty cool way to connect!  But, it's all about dating SMART.

Think about it.  These days it's all about reviews.  We check reviews before we try a new restaurant.  We won't see a movie unless we read the reviews.  But, with online dating -- no one is really 'reviewing'.  Question is... why not?

Cut to my friend Kala and her sister.  At lunch about a year ago.  They've both been divorced and were curious about the world of online dating.  They started talking about it and referenced a mutual friend who had a terrible experience.  The conversation began.  Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a 'place' women could go to find out the TRUTH about some of these guys online?

Nothing like it existed.  Until now.  

I love that these smart women brought this genius idea to life.  We NEED something like this! They believe what I believe -- we women need to stand together.  We need to support, help and encourage one another, not tear each other down.  We need to have each other's back! Let's start with dating.  Reviews.  On men.  On the men you've dated.  Give a review.  Get a review.  Date smart.

Introducing  Investigate your date.  Uncover the dating potential of a man.

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