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Pickiest Eater on the Planet

Written by:  Jenny

"Oh, relax.  It's not like she'll be eating chicken nuggets and fruit snacks on her wedding day." Someone once said that to me.  I laughed.  Not because the thought of that was funny and ridiculous, because the thought of that was... probably very likely to happen.  Not kidding.  

Hi, my name is Jenny and my daughter, Julianne, is without a doubt the pickiest eater on the planet.  If you too have a picky eater, I'd love to hear from you.  Mainly so I know I'm not in this club alone (it's exhausting).  But, maybe you have some great ideas?  Because, I'm out.

Someone recently sent me a pic of this nifty plate!  I'm thinkin' about buying it.

I have found that fun plates DO work to some extent.  My mom bought me these squishy ice cube trays from a dollar store once to try.  If anything, I have fun trying to fill each spot.

But, let's be honest.  It's not like I'm putting broccoli florets and brussels sprouts in there and she's just gobbling them up.  Ok, maybe the fun trays are just for me.

My daughter eats basically the same thing every single day of her life.  I sometimes get a little mortified wondering what her teachers must think of her EXACT same identical lunch day after day after day.  It's always fun when she goes to friend's houses and they ask if she'll be ok with hot dogs or mac n' cheese for dinner.  Your basic kid would be in heaven, right?  Jules?  HA HA HA!  Good luck.  She'll just have a plate of ketchup, please.

"Kids have a magical ability to survive on air."  Her pediatrician once told me that.  Now SHE knows her stuff.  #truth

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