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Potty Talk

Written by:  Jenny

While I'm personally a big fan of the poop emoji -- I use it often and with pride.  I sometimes wonder if telling my children that it's actually a smiling pile of chocolate soft-serve wouldn't have been a better idea.  My.  Kids.  Are.  Obsessed.  With.  Potty.  Talk.  Butts, poop, toots... they may not tell you their name and age if you ask them, but mention one of those buzz words and you're their soul mate.

Am I alone?  Is it a phase?  I've tried time out for excessive potty talk.  I haven't yet tried 'pepper water' (a suggestion from my dear friend, Tera).  My sis suggested soap in the mouth, but that failed when they decided to try that on their own one day and informed me that it tasted good.

I'm at a loss.


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