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Summer HAIR by Mandy!

Written by: Jenny with Mandy Garavaglia

My husband makes fun of me because I gush on and on about my girlfriends and their awesomeness.  Their beauty.  Their kind hearts.  Their talents.  

So, needless to say, he hears about Mandy... a lot.  She is absolutely beautiful on the outside and the thing I love even more is that she's that beautiful inside too.  A giant heart.  And then let's discuss her talent.  Hair.  Mandy does GREAT hair.  Let me brag about her for a sec...

Mandy has worked alongside the masters of the hair industry.  Her skill and know-how have clients lining up to sit in her chair.  She has become one of Kansas City's most sought-after hair stylists.  #TRUTH!

In 2004, Mandy was honored to become an elite Great Lengths Certified Specialist where she mastered the technique of protein bonded and fused hair extensions (I've worn Great Lengths extensions off and on for YEARS, courtesy of Mandy - they are FABULOUS.)  In 2012, she was nominated for a Behind the Chair Award for her work with Great Lengths.  The demand for her hair extension service grew in KC and she soon became a master in her field.

Simply put?  Mandy rocks.  You need Mandy in your life.  Warning - you will fall in love with her. I am grateful for her talent, but even more than that - for her friendship.

Jenny:  Ok, girl, someone comes to you with a pic of a hairstyle that you know is not even remotely possible.  What do you say?  What do you do?

Mandy:  I am very realistic.  Some clients don't love hearing the truth from me, but it's why I have a very loyal clientele.  I will NEVER do something to compromise the health of the hair or give a client something I know they won't be happy with after the 'new' fades away.  Also, I am all about working slowly toward a goal rather than trying to achieve instant gratification in one appointment.

Jenny:  Someone comes to you wanting a MAJOR chop.  Your response?

Mandy:  Same thing.  Most likely, I know my client well enough to know if they're really serious about it.  I do not recommend chopping to someone who a.) just had a baby, b.) is pregnant, c.) is going through a divorce or break-up.  But, otherwise -- I'm all in on change!  It's fun to make a transformation.

Jenny:  What are some of your favorite hair products to protect hair during the summer months (chlorine, sun)?

Mandy:  I'm kind of a freak about chlorine.  If you can avoid it, then please do.  It is the harshest chemical you can expose your hair to.  It destroys color and the general condition of your hair. Put your hair in a high bun or saturate it with tap water before entering the pool.  Getting it wet with regular water beforehand prevents as much absorption into your hair.  As far as sun -- just as you keep your face out of the sun, same for hair.  A hat is always the best option.

Jenny:  What are the big trends right now for Summer 2016 hair?!

Mandy:  It's all about the natural melted look.  Think highlights created by the sun.  Chunky to the root is not the look right now.  Soft blended colors are everything.  Cut wise -- super blunt short cuts and a deep side part for any length.  It's all about natural, beautiful, healthy hair for me ALWAYS!

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