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A Day in the Life of a Major League Wife: A Conversation with Jamie Gordon

Written by: Jenny with Jamie Gordon

Let's go ROYALS! The chant all of us in Kansas City now say with more pride than ever before... or at least since 1985.

That's our team.

The team that went from not winning very often to winning it ALL.

Kansas City is lucky to have the awesome players that we do. Especially Alex Gordon. And we all know, behind every great man is a great woman! Jamie Gordon is no exception. sheKC caught up with Jamie recently:

First of all, how EXCITING has the last year been with the Royals World Series win -- and how has it changed your life?!

Last season was SO much fun! It was surreal. I still don't know if it has really set in that we are WORLD CHAMPS! Looking back, the whole post season was just a whirlwind. From almost losing and being out in Houston, to winning in New York City, to the parade is like a blur!

In our personal lives, it hasn't changed anything. Alex is still a dad that changes diapers and does the dishes! But, in his professional life, he has definitely become more recognizable when he is out and about from all of the national media attention. I would say THAT has been the biggest change in our lives.

You are a mama of two little boys, Max + Sam. How old are they and what are they into these days?

They are just about to turn three and six. Sam, our three year old is really into LEGOS and superheroes right now, and really just doing anything big brother is doing! Max will start Kindergarten this fall and loves swimming and playing baseball.

Well, of COURSE, baseball! Do your kiddos think it's the coolest thing ever when they see their dad on TV -- or is it 'just another day' in their world?

I don't think our boys really understand yet. Max is starting to get it a little more and says things like, 'why do people keep wanting a picture with daddy?', but I don't think he really understands the magnitude of the situation.

What is the biggest challenge for your family with the 'Major League lifestyle/travel'?

There are so many awesome experiences and blessings that come along with the baseball life, but there are definitely challenges too. For us, the travel can be hard if there are trips we can't take as a family. It's tough when we aren't all together for long road trips. We really try to travel as much as we can so that we can stay together.

The other major challenge I would say is separating our 'baseball time' from 'family time'. We really appreciate all of the fans and their support of Alex and the team! But, at the same time, we want to be able to live a 'normal' life and do normal things when we are out as a family.

Fans. They can be super supportive. They can also be super critical. Talk about how you deal with both ends of the spectrum on that issue.

Fans are such a fun part of the game! We have been here for nine years and have been part of the good and the bad. Alex struggled early on in his career and it was really hard to listen to what people would say about him. I would see him come home at night so frustrated and just really trying SO hard, but then have to listen to all of the negative things people would say about him.

However, the longer we have been in the game, the thicker the skin I have developed! I really try not to listen to the radio (ah-hem... side note from Jenny Matthews... well, except for Mix 93.3 10am - 3pm, Monday through Friday -- ha ha!) or read articles and things that can be negative. Sometimes people forget that the players are humans too, just trying to succeed at their jobs like everyone else.

On the positive side, the fan support over these last few years has been so amazing! To see the whole city coming together to cheer for and support these guys is so overwhelming and just so awesome to see! Particularly, the parade last year is something that both Alex and I will never forget. I don't think it had set in for anyone that we had WON the WORLD SERIES in New York, until we got back to KC and saw all of the fans at the airport waiting for us. Then, everyone at the parade the next day! Kansas City fans are simply the best.

What is one thing about Alex that would surprise people?

His diet! He is so strict about his diet. So regimented. He eats the same thing for breakfast - makes the exact same protein shake every single day! I try to get him to cheat all of the time and he NEVER does. I don't know the last time in the nine years we have been married that he has had ANY dessert! His will power is very impressive! He also LOVES 80's and 90's music!

Congrats on nine years of marriage! How did you guys meet?

Alex and I met in college our sophomore year. We ended up having two classes together that semester. The rest is history!

As a couple, you are very involved with several charities and organizations. One is SAFEHOME. You recently helped raise over $250k to help them out. I understand you were once an employee at SAFEHOME? Talk about SAFEHOME and what it means to you.

Yes! Alex and I both have individual causes and causes as a couple that we are passionate about. We got involved with SAFEHOME nine years ago. I decided to take a year off from getting my Masters in Social Work, and worked the hotline at SAFEHOME, answering crisis calls and assisting domestic violence victims and their families. I am now a board member.

SAFEHOME is important for us to be a part of because there is such a growing need for domestic violence victims in the Kansas City area. SAFEHOME is working hard to provide a safe place for victims to stay, along with a lot of outreach programs that include counseling for victims, legal representation and education/prevention in both schools and hospitals. I know first hand the difference SAFEHOME is making and that is why we continue to be a part of it.

What are some ways the KC community can help?

Volunteering time or donating money to the causes we are passionate about are WONDERFUL ways to help! Here is some more information about some of the organizations we support:


Alex's Lemonade Stand

Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy Fund

Team Jack Foundation - Funding Research for Pediatric Brain Cancer


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