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Traveling made possible with kid food allergies and other special needs!!

Written by: Brooke with Marti Blaine from Magic Mouse/Off to Anyland Travel

I wrote a previous blog about my son's food allergies.

He doesn't have minor allergies.

He has life threatening ones.

As a mom, I feel like I'm living this alone and I want to keep him in a bubble. I know that's not realistic! I want to try to make his life as normal as possible.

When I met Marti and she told me about her son who also has life threatening food allergies, I immediately felt connected and felt a sense of "I'm not alone, I have someone I can talk to!" ...

...when Brooke and I met, one of the first things we connected about was our sons.  We both have kiddos that possess life-threatening, anaphylactic food allergies to many and varied foods.   Twice in my life, I have watched my child fight for his life because of something he ate.  Both times, it was a terrifying nightmare I hope he never experiences again.  I will do everything I possibly can to protect him and educate him about protecting himself.

I struggle with just wanting to hold my son close and never let him out of my sight, but I know that isn’t the answer.  He has to learn how to exist in a world where there are things everywhere that are a threat to his life.  He isn’t the only one.  There are kids and adults everywhere fighting daily battles. 

No matter what daily challenges you face, you can’t let it ultimately stop you from experiencing things that may be just beyond your comfort zone, your safety bubble.  Our journey brought me down my career path.  I am a travel agent because I know how important it is to have life experiences.  Some of the best memories in life come through travel.  There are people like us who can help.   AND, generally it doesn’t cost you anything more than you’d pay booking direct or online.  

So many destinations have measures in place to make accommodations for all kinds of special circumstances….food allergies, autism, mobility issues, etc.  AND – not just for kids – for adults, too.  You just have to know the best destinations to accommodate the needs of your travel party.  This is where Magic Mouse/Off to Anyland Travel comes in to help!  We bring knowledge, destination experience and vendor support to help you navigate your adventure.   All you have to do is contact us here  and we can help you experience destinations all over the world.   Don’t let hardships stop you from visiting new destinations.  Travel memories last a lifetime.  Let us help you make memories.

All-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean know their clientele.  What is the main advantage of going to an all-inclusive?  The food and drink.  Quality resorts accommodate special dietary needs.  They have to, or people won’t frequent their properties.  Disney Destinations have amazing Special Diets Departments and other theme parks like Universal and SeaWorld are following Disney’s lead.  Major cruise lines will work with you daily to assure your dining experience will not be impacted by any dietary needs.

So many kiddos & adults fall on the autism spectrum.  Let us help you plan a vacation at an Autism Speaks partnered all-inclusive resort or on Autism Friendly Certified cruise ship.  Theme parks have special passes to help guests navigate the parks with sensory issues and special needs.  You just have to understand the procedures for obtaining the passes and then using them efficiently.  We can help!

Disney Destinations have Disability Access Service, a wonderful accommodation for guests who can’t tolerate long lines.   They also do an amazing job providing attraction access to guests with mobility issues.  Disney is at the forefront of providing amazing opportunities for those with hearing and visual disabilities, including light sensitivities.  They also provide services and assistance to those with cognitive disabilities, providing simple tips and services to navigating the parks successfully.   For people big and small, Disney is all about making dreams come true.   No matter what you are facing, they approach it with a little pixie dust and a smile to make some magic for deserving princesses and pirates!

These are just a few examples of how to accommodate special travel party circumstances.  Where do you want to go?  Contact us and let’s start the journey to making memories that will last a lifetime.

Magic Mouse/Off to Anyland Travel wants to help make the dreams of kids facing unimaginable hardships come true.  We are the host Sponsor of this year’s Boulevard of Dreams Event benefiting the Dream Factory.  Please consider joining us for the event or making a donation to this wonderful cause.


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