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The Longest Lasting Lipstick You'll EVER Use!

Written by: Jenny with Leah Gipe

So, earlier this year, I was scrolling my Facebook feed and I saw a video post from my friend, Leah! She was wearing the most beautiful bright red lipstick and she demonstrated how it would not come off.

I mean, it really wouldn't come off.

She attempted to wipe it off with a white napkin. Nada. 

I was impressed.

I'm always searching for great beauty products and this one had me curious. 

Leah, tell everyone the name of this amazing lipstick and how you discovered it.

The product is LipSense by SeneGence, which was just named a Top 100 Global Company. I follow my childhood best friend on Facebook and she invited me to her group months ago. She too had a video -- much like the one I posted that you saw, Jenny! I had to try it.

I bought a Blue-Red for the holidays because I had some parties to attend. I. Could. Not. Believe. It. It lasted until the NEXT MORNING. Unreal.

I purchased Apple Cider and I love it. I use it every single day. But, I will say, the first time I put it on my lips, they tingled and it definitely has a different scent (not a bad one) from other lipsticks. Talk about that -- what's that about?

LipSense contains SD-40 -- which is referred to as a cosmetic grade of alcohol. It works with the pigment found in LipSense to bond together - helping the product to dry fast! Which, in turn, forms a mechanical shield of protection over your lips that actually filters out harmful UV rays. A win-win!

The lipstick itself is sticky when applied. But, the minute I put the awesome gloss over it -- I just love the feel. 

Yes. The gloss is important because it seals the color and protects it from breaking down. Plus, it is an awesome moisturizer for your lips! It prevents your lips from feeling dry and flaky like other long-lasting lip colors.

What are some of the most popular colors? I know I am loving Apple Cider because it's such a great everyday neutral -- and I like that it doesn't look like I have a ton of make-up on my face.

Two of my most popular neutrals are First Love and Beige Champagne. First Love gives you that trendy matte look that is popular right now. Beige Champagne gives more of a sheer/frost look. It's one of my favorite colors right now.

For a bright pink, Kiss for a Cause is great.

You rock the red lipstick like no one else! What is your favorite red?

For a night out, Blue Red. For a daytime red, Caramel Apple. All of the colors I've mentioned as well as Caramel Latte and Praline Rose are my top sellers for KC women!

I just know that I feel 'finished' when I have my lips on! I feel like lip color changes the entire face. Months ago, I couldn't count on my make-up lasting past noon - but now, I know that my lipstick will 'stay all day doll face'! 

To schedule a demo, check out colors + samples, contact Leah: 

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