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she3: Baby names, secret to a good first date + the best museum ever.

Written by: Jenny

1. The website just released the most popular baby names for the first half of the year! Expecting? Get some ideas here!

2. The secret to a good first date? Let the other person order their food FIRST... and even if it sounds awful... order the exact same thing! Who knew? According to a study out of the University of Chicago, if you do this, you'll instantly build trust and camaraderie and it'll increase the odds for a second date. Who knew?! Go for it!

3. I've been wanting to take a trip to NY anyway. Now, it's definitely happening. THIS is opening soon!

Single, sweet and kind... meet your afternoon Mix 93.3 DJ, Dave O! (Did I mention, single?)

she3: Taylor Swift is crazy rich, a great new country song + Netflix.