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Single, sweet and kind... meet your afternoon Mix 93.3 DJ, Dave O! (Did I mention, single?)

Written by: Jenny with Dave O.

David, we've known each other for a long time.

Some say men + women can't be 'just friends'. Um, we're proof that you can.

So, I want KC to get to know the Dave O. that I have come to know and adore. And, not gonna lie, I haven't been to a good wedding for a minute, so I'm looking to make that happen for you. Don't worry, I'll help you plan it. I know a good DJ.

A few Q + A's from your girl, Jenny.

So, let's start at the beginning. Where are you from? 

Jennifer, thanks for having me!

I’m from all over, because my Dad moved us every few years during my childhood as he chased better opportunities within his career as a university professor/department chair. In my life, I’ve lived in Georgia (born in Savannah), Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, North Carolina, Florida, Kansas and Missouri, in that order. I would call Lincoln, Nebraska “home” but Kansas City is likely where I’ll spend the rest of my life.
Do you have brothers and sisters?
I have an older sister who lives in Tucson, Arizona and have to take a second to brag about my two beautiful nieces, Alice and Picasso! I don’t get to see them much but they always enjoy Facetiming with Uncle Dave. We play Hide & Seek and I’ll read to them – the latest book being “Kitt The Mitt!”

We both knew at a young age that radio was for us. Talk about that.

For sure. When I was five years old, I began spending my weekly allowance on cassette singles and later, CD singles. I would take these into my room and create a fake radio station where I would act like I was the DJ and talk in between songs. I have very old tapes of this, from my youth, that I’ll be releasing soon.

This passion never went away – I shadowed radio hosts for my various career education classes in junior high and high school, would call up and be a “guest DJ” at night on my favorite station, wrote letters to the DJ’s, etc. When I turned 16, they (the #1 station in town!!!) took a chance and hired me to push buttons and run the Casey Kasem and Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 shows. I would talk once an hour doing the weather. This was the summer before my junior year of high school. Soon after, by chance, the overnight guy got Mono and they needed someone to work Midnight-6 AM each night that summer. They threw me on the air, doing my own show and talking every two songs, and the rest is history. 

When school started again, I did overnights on Friday and Saturday nights during my junior and senior years of high school. When I got to college, I moved up to days. Graduated college (Go Huskers!), moved to NC, FL and then KC doing radio full-time. I’ve never taken no for an answer and never given up – have always believed in following your dreams and grinding the hell out of life until you make them come true. If you like underdog stories about someone that’s truly “self-made” and has beaten the odds, I’m your guy.   

Although you're pretty open on the air and social media, what's something about you that would surprise people?

I think I’m very misunderstood by people. I don’t think people realize there’s more than the fun and goofy guy on the radio. That’s me, absolutely – but I’m also very competitive, semi-high strung and extremely caring. 

Some random facts about me: I am a published writer, run a Royals website out of my home studio ( and play fantasy baseball each day on a national level with very good monetary success. 

I think myself, like many “radio guys,” get stereotyped as ‘players’ who party non-stop and ‘don’t have a real job.’ As with all stereotypes, a good majority of individuals in this industry don’t play the part. It’s true we don’t have ‘a real job’ in one sense, but what we do is very unique, difficult to achieve and very much a career. Each person on the Mix staff has paid their dues and has an immense talent. 

In summary, I am a lot more than the Royals fanatic who loves cats, and I think those in my close circle who TRULY know me are surprised by all the different layers and interests. 
You're a cat lover. Like, a crazy cat lady. But, you're not really super crazy and you're not a lady. Talk about your love of cats and all animals, really.

What’s funny is I’ve ALWAYS loved animals… dogs, cats, birds, squirrels (don’t laugh – we had one with an animal rescue group for a while growing up), turtles (I had one run away as a kid in Utah – true story), etc.

But I never considered myself a “cat lover” until my mid 20’s.

Let’s go back… when I was a kid, my Mom was (and still is) deathly allergic to cats and dogs. So we had birds. The bad thing was, she LOVES cats… like, had them growing up until she developed allergies… she probably loves cats more than me.

Well, when I was 11, we started feeding this extremely wild neighborhood feral cat with kittens. We called her “Mama Kiki.” Mama wouldn’t let us get within 25 feet of her for a good year, even though we fed her and all of her kittens every day. Her kittens were much tamer. 

We later found out that Mama Kiki had been shot by a BB gun and had SIX BB's in her back the entire remainder of her life, which of course explained the hesitation with humans. She ended up becoming a half indoor, half outdoor cat, as we’d put her on our screened in porch or garage when it was cold in the winter. 

Eventually, my sister took her and moved away to Arizona – and I was doing radio in North Carolina. I never even considered getting a cat – not at all. No interest in it.

One day my sister called in a panic and said if I didn’t take Mama Kiki, she’d have to go to a shelter, because her fiancée was allergic. I reluctantly decided to take her once my Mom said she’d pay for the bill to fly her to NC and the first year of vet care. 

I fell in love with that damn cat… she changed my life… I had to put her down when I was 27, and she was 16 or 17… toughest night of my life, my childhood cat and best friend gone.

From that point forward, I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to helping stray animals, especially cats, in honor of Mama Kiki. I adopted a tabby (KC) as a kitten and thought that’d be it. But then an entire family of stray cats showed up at my apartment complex in Florida, and I began feeding ALL OF THEM, just like Mama Kiki and her kittens in my childhood.

I was volunteering at the Jacksonville Humane Society at that time and planned on getting them all to the shelter to find homes. One cat in particular stole my heart when she started sleeping by my door and waiting for me to get home from work each night. She walked on her back hind legs and tippy toes the first time she let me touch her – so I named her “Tippy.”

She and KC have lived with me for eight years.
So, you're single. And, I don't know why because you have the biggest... HEART. You post things on social media like -- letters to your future wife. Such romantic things! WHY are you single?

Since it’s 11:15 PM when we’re talking, I’ll give you the completely blunt answer.

Because I moved a lot in my 20’s and that ended a couple promising relationships… because I’m picky as hell… and because I have self-sabotaged myself a couple of times with great girls… I’ve learned from those ‘mistakes’ and continue to grow as a dude. I probably wasn’t ready at the time without realizing.

The real answer, since I’m a hopeless romantic, is I haven’t found the RIGHT GIRL yet… there’s certainly a girl out there who’s gone through pain and heartache and the wrong men, too, who is waiting for me.

I hope she shows up in the not-so-distant future, because I want a travel partner, someone to explore KC further with, someone to take to Kauffman Center shows, Royals games, volunteer with and someday, have a left-handed hitting son who plays catcher!!!
Have you ever been in a long term relationship - if so, how long (that's what she said)?

She has said and asked that before.

Another thing that seems to surprise people – I’ve been in plenty of long distance relationships and dated plenty of women. I love how you say that, Jenny (laughing) – “have you ever been in a long term relationship?” Do I seem that hopeless?!??! Come on!!! Would you be shocked to hear I’ve even dated pretty girls who are way out of my league?

My longest relationships have all been around 10 months, a hand full of times… and literally each girl I date marries the next guy after me… I’m the real life version of “Good Luck Chuck.”
Describe your dream girl.

My dream girl has the biggest heart ever… she’s patient, kind, polite, family-oriented, smart and has passions and dreams, both in her career and personal life… she loves animals (I love dogs too so those are fine!), traveling and looks like a million dollars with messed up hair, no makeup, a hoodie and leggings/yoga pants. 
What's your idea of a great first date?

Jennifer, that depends on the girl… that’s a loaded question! I would say, as a GENERAL answer, places where you can talk and laugh and have fun… dinner at a nice KC restaurant – either Italian or Japanese Steakhouse… comedy show… Sonic slushes after and talking all night, before we go our separate ways with MAYBE a quick kiss. One thing women should know about most guys: if we like you, we aren’t making a move on the first night. That’s a jerk way of looking at things but it’s the truth. 
Who's your favorite co-worker? (Kidding.)

Steve Serrano is a lot of fun to work with. (Side note from Jenny: BUT, is he helping to find the love of your life AND offering wedding planning services? I think not. Well, he is a good wedding DJ...)

Thank you for having me and giving me an opportunity to talk about my life. What you and Brooke are doing for Kansas City with is great and I hope people know how much you two legitimately LOVE this city and the PEOPLE who live here. I’m honored to know you both and call you friends. (Side note from Jenny: Ladies... do you SEE whyyyyy I love this guy so much?)

Thanks for reading, whoever you are! 


Connect with Dave O. at and be sure to listen to his awesome show every weekday from 3pm - 7pm on Mix 93.3!

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