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Don't Let Casual Friday Steal Your Credibility: 5 Tips for Styling Your Casual Friday Look

Written by: Vanessa Zambo

It’s casual Friday, the most venerated day of the week in the workplace. Surveys by LinkedIn show that 66 percent of females love (not like) their casual Fridays, and 24 percent even factor dress code in their decision of where to work. I’ll be the first to admit that I dread putting on another pencil skirt and heels for the luncheon that landed on my calendar for Friday. Not even five minutes after that event has ended, I’m rocking my most comfortable denim ensemble, because you’d better believe I’m not missing out on the opportunity to wear jeans for even four hours.

It’s interesting to me how even the most stylish of women can commit the most egregious fashion crimes on these days. Look, I’ve been there. Maybe I don’t have any meetings, maybe I drank too much wine the night before, or maybe I’m dreaming that I’m going straight to a rock concert after work. I remember the day I shook hands with a potential acquisition partner in my fancy flannel and Converse shoes, only to look at my boss who put me to shame in a red blazer and stylish black jeans. That’s when it occurred to me: if you’re wondering whether you’re right or wrong, look for your boss, that’ll validate it very quickly.

Check out my top five tips for looking professional, comfortable, and incorporating your own unique style into your casual Friday look.  Click here for full article and video.

Businesswoman, mother and blogger Vanessa Zambo is a senior principal and vice president of marketing and communications at Terracon, a national engineering consulting firm headquartered in Olathe, by day.  After hours, she lends her workwear savvy to her website STOMP (, a fabulous and fun insider’s guide to fashion at the workplace that showcases seasonal trends and encourages businesswomen to use their unique styles to forge their own version of “power dressing.” She has an MBA with an emphasis in International Business and a Master's in Journalism from the University of Kansas. She has lived in Kansas City for 20 years and has two sons, Stone and Blue (age 7 and 6) and a husband, "my true partner in crime," named Justin. Follow her blog on FacebookInstagram, or


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