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she3: Disney emojis, expiration dates + too old for certain things?

Written by: Jenny

1. Just two words. Disney. Emojis. YES PLEASE!

2. This is good information for me because I'm an expiration date CRAZY LADY! My husband rolls his eyes at me because sometimes, I won't even eat something if it's the day BEFORE it expires. Little too close for comfort. HA! Anyway, this is interesting. Foods we're throwing away too soon!

3. So, you're too old to get a tattoo or belly button piercing at 38? According to this list, yep. Find out what a new survey says about when people say you're too old to do certain things! And for the record, I will wear Uggs until the day I die, stylish or not, a granny or not. Just throwin' that out there. 

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