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she3: Road rage, #sheKCkindnessproject + germs.

Written by: Jenny

1. Road rage = bad idea. However, 80% of us have had road rage in the last year! Yikes! A new survey has some other startling statistics. #sheKCkindnessproject -- that includes being kind to other drivers! :)

2. Speaking of #sheKCkindnessproject -- it's stuff like THIS! THIS is what we wanna see more of in KC (and beyond!) LOVE this story. It really is the little things.

3. And finally, a tidbit of info. that is totally disgusting, yet completely fascinating -- and will make you want to wash your hands immediately. One gram of poop has 100 billion bacteria in it, and 100 million viruses and other organisms too. (See? I told ya.)


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