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she3: Dream vacations, 'would you rather' + how to get happy.

Written by: Jenny

1. So, what is YOUR dream vacation? Where would YOU go? A new survey of the top dream vacations just came out. Here are the results! We know the best travel agency to make your dream vacation come true! Click here for more!

2. Would you rather... lose your CAR or ALL of the photos on your phone?!!! Can I be totally honest and say - the car! If I lost my pictures - I would cry for days. Forever, actually. According to a new survey, 33% of people would rather lose their car than all of the photos - so I'm not alone!

3. Every serving of fruits and veggies you eat makes you - HAPPIER!!!  Isn't that fantastic news? Check this out.


she3: Men need women, Overland Park is not stressed + the most amazing story about kindness.

Meet Sgt. Tiffany Davis, KCPD: #sheKCkindnessproject Spotlight