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she3: Men need women, Overland Park is not stressed + the most amazing story about kindness.

Written by: Jenny

1.  100% of men would like a woman to help them pick out clothes for a date! Yep. A new study asked men if they would want a woman's help picking out what to wear on a date and 100% of them said YES! 60% said they'd want help from a female stylist. 40% would want help from a female friend. Nobody would try to choose on their own. (Side note: speaking of dating... if you're online dating, be sure to read our latest blog post from here)

2. A new study found the most and least stressed cities, based on things like debt, divorce rates and commute times. An interesting read. Overland Park -- you made the least stressed list!

3. THIS. Is everything. The most INCREDIBLE story. Kindness is everything. Read more about the #sheKCkindnessproject here.

There's nothing better than fresh flowers! ~ Flowers by Emily

she3: Dream vacations, 'would you rather' + how to get happy.