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Freely Given

Written by: Jenny with Allison + Chris French

A few weeks ago, I was emailing back and forth with a friend. We were discussing sheKC and what we are all about (top of the list -- kindness, positivity + encouraging others). She ALL CAPS told me about The Freely Given Movement and told me I HAD to check out what they're doing because we share the same philosophy.

So, I did. Then, I immediately reached out. Word needs to spread about The Freely Given Movement because what they're doing IS amazing.  

The Freely Given Movement Mission statement:  Freely Given is a social enterprise created to rally community behind families in crisis through the power of social media and the sale of uniquely designed apparel.

As unique as each of our stories are, we can find a unifying theme in the journey. We celebrate together in the peaks, in the joyful times, where we have received and are full. But then for many of us, unavoidable landslides occur along the way somewhere. We find ourselves caught up in hardships - stretched in every sense of the word. The valleys close in, the bottom of our financial capabilities reached, drained by medical expenses, a job suddenly gone, transportation finally on it’s last mile, a loved one lost, or perhaps it is everything that has come at us at once, and fast.

This is when unity must prevail.  This is the time to come alongside, to build community, to hand-in-hand give freely to those traveling through a valley of their story.

The Freely Given Movement exists to help identify and be a voice for local families that have found themselves in the midst of a valley, an unexpected crisis. The Freely Given Movement gives their neighbors, friends, family and complete strangers the opportunity to come alongside their fellow Kansas Citians in order to build a unified community of love, encouragement, and support.

To meet a specific need of the family in crisis, financial support will be raised through the sale of high quality, limited edition apparel designed by local artists. Along the way, The Freely Given Movement will utilize photography, blogging and the viral power of social media to capture and inspire the community, documenting the progress of each story beginning to end.

After a tumultuous season of division and heartache in our country, Freely Given is using their growing platform to promote peace and invest in our Nation's future. They've recently released a “Peace” collection in partnership with Ampersand Design Studio (nationally known for their work with the Land of Nod, West Elm, and Hallmark cards) and are giving 90% of the profits from apparel items sold from this collection to the Boys and Girls Club of America.  

How long has Freely Given been around?  

The Freely Given Movement was officially launched in late August 2015.  You can see the two stories we've featured on our Vimeo channel - and can find their stories in photographs and words on our website under Stories to Inspire.

Is the Freely Given movement not for profit?

No - While Freely Given was created for a charitable cause, it is a "for profit" social enterprise. However, Freely Given will reinvest the majority of profits back into the city by helping local families during a time of crisis.  Therefore, because it is not a tax exempt entity, purchases are not tax deductible.

Can someone submit information for a family that could benefit from the Freely Given movement?

Yes, the Freely Given Movement is eager to bring community alongside families in crisis. Please email the Freely Given team at to submit a family for consideration.

How can others get involved with this organization?

We strongly believe that each of us have been gifted with specific skills and talents in order to give back in our areas of passion and expertise. As the Freely Given movement expands, we look forward to partnering with bloggers, photographers, artisans, craftsmen, business men and women, designers, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. across diverse walks of life. Please contact us using the contact form or via email to share your interest in joining with us.


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