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she3: Terms + Conditions nobody reads, Zika Virus + a new flavor of M + M's!

Written by: Jenny

1. Ok, let's be honest. Who reads every word of the 'terms and conditions'? Who just clicks 'accept', and assumes it's all legal mumbo jumbo that's on the up and up? Um.  GUILTY, party of one over here. Well, this is interesting. An online list of things we're agreeing to that no one reads. Example: Facebook owns everything we post. Interesting read.

2. So, I'm an anxious person and borderline hypochondriac. I tend to freak out about things like... Ebola... Zika. Well, this is encouraging news I thought I'd share -- for those who worry a bit about things like that too!

3. America has decided that 'Coffee Nut' M+M's need to be a thing!

she3: A beer drinking job opp, most popular dates + women robbing banks.

Kiddo Outing Idea: Moon Marble Company