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Two Words: Mom. Guilt.

Written by: Brooke

Can we please talk about this for a sec? Lately, at night when my head hits the pillow, my brain goes over every detail of the day. Mostly, I think about what kind of mom I was and lately I feel like I'm failing.

Failing at being a good mom.

Failing at being a good wife.

Failing at being a good friend.

Just plain failing.

Not every day is bad. But, some days when my patience level is zero and I just longed for 'me time', the mom guilt kicks in big time. Why as a woman do we feel guilt when we take a moment for ourselves?! I wish there was a button in my brain I could turn off and say, "Brooke it's OK to take 30 minutes for yourself." But, instead I think about how laundry needs to get done, dishes need to be washed, kids need a bath and the list goes on and on. 

Honestly, when I do get those moments to myself I am so much better at everything. So today, I made myself a deal. Every week I'm going to 'gift' myself an hour. Yes, plan because I plan everything else so why not plan that. I think all of us that feel "mom guilt" need to plan some time for themselves just to be better!

I know how blessed I am and believe me, I also think about that often. I'm writing this to make it ok for us to talk about how some of us may truly feel this way at times -- and it's ok to admit it. We are all doing the best we can. That doesn't mean it's always easy.

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