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Lashes for days!! NO more mascara!!

Written by: Brooke

Can we talk lashes for a second?! I always want loonngg lashes. What girl doesn't, right? But, I can tell you that my body is not producing those naturally! I have tried EVERY mascara under the sun. Not. Kidding!!

Another thing. I don't enjoy doing two things involved with 'getting ready'. 

1. Doing my hair... well, that used to be the case, prior to my treatment at Arista Hair Solutions, recently! Check this out.

2. Putting on mascara! Not sure why, it's just not one of my favorite things to do. SO, when I learned that Hoopla Studio offers eyelash extensions I was jumping for joy! 

 BEFORE! Sorry for the close up LOL!!

BEFORE! Sorry for the close up LOL!!

I was a little nervous because I didn't know if it was going to hurt or if my real lashes would fall out?! Well, here's a quick answer on the pain aspect...I fell asleep while she was doing them. NO PAIN! Actually, more like a little treat for mama because I got an afternoon nap in! And your lashes naturally fall out every 2-3 weeks so the lashes just fall out with them. 

 The AFTER!!! Obsessed :))))

The AFTER!!! Obsessed :))))

I am LOVING my lashes!! No more mascara and I look like I've taken a super vitamin because they are LONG!! I love them! You must try them!!! They have three great locations! Check out thier website for all treatments and locations.

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