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What is Pure Barre?!! All of your questions answered here.

Written by: Brooke & Michelle, Pure Barre Owner

When I first heard of Pure Barre I had SO many questions! So, I sat down with Michelle Keraus, the owner of Pure Barre, Zona Rosa and she answered questions about all things Barre...


From Michelle ~ Talk to me about barre… 

The moment that I tell people that I’m a Pure Barre instructor, I can see the wheels start turning. They start nodding their head as if they know what Pure Barre is, then when the curiosity just can’t be contained anymore, they finally blurt out, “Pure Barre? What’s that?” Then I smile. Because this my friends, is my most favorite question of all time. What is Pure Barre? Take a seat. Let’s talk barre.


A Barre workout is a fusion between pilates and yoga, inspired by a little bit of ballet. Barre is focused on small, isometric movements that work the muscles to the point of exhaustion. Once the muscle just can’t take anymore (think shaking muscles), we stop to stretch—working to lengthen out the muscles, giving us that long, lean, ballerina look. 


“So you’re talking about a ballet class? Well I have no dance experience…” Great! No dance experience is needed. We only use the ballet barre for balance and never do we ask you to learn a routine or a combination of moves even. Do we use ballet music? No way! We use fun, upbeat & current music to guide you through class.    


Q: “Wow. It sounds hard. Do you have beginner classes?”

A: We don’t categorize our classes by levels. All of the classes are designed to challenge you, but to each their own! Work to your own level. Always push your comfort zone to achieve the best results, but don’t feel like you have to stay in plank for the entire 90 seconds just because we as teachers are encouraging you to do so. We often say, “This is your class.” And we mean just that. Do what makes you feel good.


Q: “Okay. Well, I just had surgery (or a baby, or am pregnant, etc., etc.). I should probably wait to start classes…”

A: You could wait. Or you could start now and see how you feel! Our barre workout is considered “low-impact”, meaning our exercises are easy on the joints. Plus, we offer many modifications for exercises that just won’t work with your body! During a class, you’ll feel muscle exhaustion, but you should never be in pain! If something doesn’t feel right- simply wave your instructor over and she can help find a position that feels good and still works the proper muscle groups.


Q: “Hmm. Well, I do a XYZ-workout that sounds similar at the local gym. It must be the same.”

A: It might be. But I’m willing to put money on it that it’s not. While there are other methods of barre out there, none of them are quite like Pure Barre. Our method is fast-paced, you will never find a dull moment. I like to say that we don’t let you sit long enough to think about what’s happening to your muscles. Also, our teachers don’t workout with you. This class is about you! If we (as teachers) were working out the whole time, we wouldn’t be able to focus on you and your form or be available to give modifications or answer questions. I’m also willing to bet that you’re not going to see noticeable changes in your body in as little as 10 classes. Yes. You heard me right. 10 classes. So many of our clients come in with their success stories about inches lost and pants sizes dropped. And on top of that, beyond the stronger bodies, you’ll find that you are mentally stronger. Once you talk yourself through the entire 90 seconds of plank, arguing with a certain 4-year-old about whether or not it’s bedtime suddenly seems like a cake walk! I’m telling you. Pure Barre ain’t no joke.


Q: “Do I have to come every day? How many calories will I burn?”

A: Nope. It’s probably better if you don’t! Muscles DO need that rest and restore time. But we do suggest taking class 3-4 times per week. As for calories burnt, it all depends on how hard you push yourself. It really depends on you and your body type. Are you going to burn calories? Absolutely. Are your jeans going to fit better in a few weeks? You betcha.


But even after all of that, I love to share my most favorite thing about Pure Barre. The Pure Barre Community. So many new clients come in worried that everyone around them is judging them on their ability or lack thereof. Au contraire mon frère. That is not what our community is about. You walk in as a stranger and walk out with a whole new circle of friends. Everyone is so incredibly welcoming, encouraging & supportive. We come together in times of pain and exhaustion and best of all, we hold each other accountable. Because let’s be honest. We could all use a little accountability in our lives.


See you at the barre my (new) friends.

 Lift, Tone & Burn,



For more information on Pure Barre Zona Rosa, feel free to give us a call at 816.912.0864 or visit our website at



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