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she3: An incredible story about an organ donor, women hold grudges + a new cooking show.

Written by: Jenny

1. Wow. What an incredible story. A 33-year old woman in Pittsburgh lost her dad ten years ago. He was an organ donor. When she got married recently, she had the guy who got his HEART walk her down the aisle. Read more about it here. Amazing.

2. Did this really require a study? ha ha - kidding. Sort of. Science proves women hold grudges and stay angry longer than men.

3. I'm not making this up. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg will co-host a new cooking show. And... I will be watching. It's being developed by VH-1 -- 'Martha and Snoop's Dinner Party'. It'll premiere sometime this fall!

she3: A genius way to get your kids to do chores, dog vs. cat people + new Girl Scout cookies.

These are a few of my favorite things (and not a soul is paying me to say so).