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she3: Deep fried Twinkies, are men really better drivers? + something you're drinking every day could help you survive a heart attack!

Written by: Jenny

1. Um, I have a sensitive stomach. So, there's no way this would end well for me. BUT, I know lots of people love deep fried... anything! So, maybe try the new Hostess deep fried Twinkies?!

2. So, really... who's better at driving? Men or women? Ladies, I think we all know the answer. However, according to this study... we're wrong. Read on!

3. Want to survive a heart attack? Well, DUH! Just drink a little coffee everyday and that should do it. Read more here.

Eek! Pink Antlers Studio Grand Opening TODAY 4-7 pm: All Things Party, Decor + DIY!

she3: Random act of kindness, a new Oreo flavor + best fast food breakfast items.