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A Cause Close to Jenny's Heart: 2nd Annual Path to Parenthood 5k from the Kansas City Infertility Awareness Foundation

Written by: Jenny

I'm an open book about my struggle with infertility. Mainly because when I was going through those dark days, I felt completely alone. No one talked about it. 

I started talking about it. 

I connected with the amazing women of the Kansas City Infertility Awareness Foundation. I loved what they stood for immediately.

I was a Board Member for a while, I've emceed all of their events. I will continue to be a part of their mission for as long as they'll have me. They're doing great things and bringing awareness to KC about something that affects so many. 

We want others to know that they are not alone. Far from it.

The 2nd Annual Path to Parenthood 5k is coming up on Sunday, September 18, 2016. Last year was SO wonderful. It was a beautiful day and I felt AMAZING after running the race and knowing that I was doing it in honor of my six miscarried babies.

We had a great turnout for year one - hundreds showed up! I would LOVE for year two to be even bigger!

You don't have to run! You can walk if you like! It's all about 'doing something'.

If you are in the midst of your own infertility battle and you feel helpless, defeated, alone... I encourage you to grab a buddy (or, just show up by yourself - I'll run with ya). You will feel powerful and inspired. Promise.

If you, like me, are on the 'other side' of things now, with your miracle babies... run for those currently fighting.

If you had/have a friend who went through infertility or is currently going through it... run for them.

I'm emceeing and running again this year, so I'll see ya September 18th. Looking forward to it.

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