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Cheap Kid Fun: 75 Cent Train Rides

Written by: Jenny

We live in the Northland. My husband grew up around here. So, he knows back roads and nifty little areas that I probably wouldn't normally discover on my own. 

When our daughter, Julianne, was really little, he discovered the 'Kansas City Northern Railroad' and we took her... a lot! Our son, Miles, is now a train lover and so we love taking both kiddos.

Perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon. And yes, a single trip ticket is only 75 cents. I'm not sure anything exists anymore that is that inexpensive!

It's pretty precious and the older men who run it are just as sweet as can be.

If you're a parent always looking for something fun and different to do with the kiddos, you might try the Kansas City Northern Railroad! It's charming.

The railroad is located in the Northland in Frank Vaydik Line Creek Park - 60th St. and NW Waukomis Drive.

A Cause Close to Jenny's Heart: 2nd Annual Path to Parenthood 5k from the Kansas City Infertility Awareness Foundation

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