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So, do you have a date set up for this weekend??? Read this before you go!

Written by: Jenny

I have dated some REALLY bad apples. In another blog that I've been mentally writing for a long time, actually, I will share some of those very personal experiences. It's taken me many years to 'forgive myself' for making such bad choices. But, I don't live with regret. I look at what I learned from those mistakes. I also look at my incredible husband and wonder how in the WORLD he found his way into my life. Every single day I feel gratitude for my relationship. I don't take it for granted because after experiencing the healthy... the good. I am ultra aware of the flip side of that coin.

I met my husband via email... so I supposed you could say we met as 'online daters'! Those sites didn't really get very popular until after we had already made our match. But, I know that I probably would have dabbled into that world -- why not?! You can find love anywhere. Why not the internet.

So, all of that said... I wish there had been a way to check out some of the guys I had dated and had horrible experiences with back in the day. If I was online dating -- I would DEFINITELY want to check out my potential dates before meeting up.

Well, 2016 daters? I would like you to meet my friends at Investigate your date. Rate your date. Check him out. Uncover his dating potential!

A huge part of is REVIEWS. But, I must tell you -- this is not about bashing. This is about forming a community of women who help each other make informed, smart dating choices. Let them help you get the upper hand by investigating his background and character before you get too deep!

Here's a sneak peek of the review questions and tags that a woman will see if she leaves a review. This is a review that has been left with all 'yes's', except about the marital question. When answering the questions, a woman will have the choice of 'yes, no or sometimes'. These questions are scored and weighted and combined with the background information to make up the total score.

Ladies -- do not be afraid of the review because, again, there is no bashing!

The goal at is to get HONEST answers to weed out the 'notorious bad apples'.

There is also a private chat feature if the reviewing woman gives her permission to be contacted. Her email will not be given out, but she can have a private chat on the site!

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