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Get Outta Town: Weekend Getaway Ideas!!!

Written by: Jenny

Mommying. Working. Keeping up with... life. It's exhausting.

Nearly every night before bed, my hubby and I talk about getting away. We are about to make it happen and I'm more excited than I can even fully express! 

Every time we get away -- and I personally think weekend getaways are the best because it isn't 'too much' to coordinate as far as kids, work obligations and childcare goes!

Girl trips are super fun too. I always enjoy hangin' with my besties so we can shop, talk, have some beverages and just feel like 'adults'... even for just a couple of days!

Anyway, if you're in desperate need of a getaway but want a fresh idea of where to go... here are a few ideas! Just click the tabs below.

Have fun!


Click on tabs below and see where you can go!

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