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she3: Gwen Stefani is awesome, dream jobs + mistakes you may be making when applying for jobs.

Written by: Jenny

1. Did you see this? An awesome on-stage moment at a Gwen Stefani show the other night. You can see the mama in her just leap out toward this precious boy. Bullying must stop. #sheKCkindnessproject

2. I can honestly tell you that I am working my dream job. And now, jobs! Radio was my dream since my childhood days of listening faithfully to Casey Kasem. I used to 'play' radio station in my bedroom with my fake microphone and record player! Now, to run a website - to WRITE. That has always been a dream as well. It's true. Find your passion. Find a way to get paid for it. You'll never 'work' a day in your life. How many of us actually pursue the dream jobs we had as a kid? Read more here.

3. Speaking of jobs, here are the biggest mistakes people make when they're applying for jobs, according to a new survey.


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