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#sheKCkindnessproject: An easy way to teach your kiddos about giving!

Written by: Jenny

Children's Mercy. One of the nation's top pediatric medical centers. It's RIGHT HERE in Kansas City.

We are so lucky.

I am so grateful to currently have two healthy children. We have had to go to Children's Mercy Hospital's Urgent Care a couple of times. Once, when a cup of boiling hot water spilled on to my son, Miles. Another, when my daughter, Julianne, had a high fever.

I understood in both of those moments exactly WHY we should all be so grateful that Children's Mercy is just around the corner.

Incredible doctors.

Incredible nurses.

And a place where your child will get the highest level of medical care, regardless of your ability to pay.

So, when Children's Mercy approached me about joining forces to promote their online Birthday Parties -- I said YES without hesitation.

Host a birthday party! It's simple. Together with their parents, kids can visit the online Birthday Party Hub, where they can create their party, invite friends and create a wish list from the Gift Gallery where party guests can virtually purchase the pre-selected gifts. All of the 'gifts' benefit the Child Life Development, whose purpose is to ensure the hospital experience is as easy and comfortable as possible for patients and their families. There are nearly 50 items that start at just $10. Gifts range from baby dolls and card games for patient playrooms to instruments used in music therapy, as well as staffing teachers so children with extended hospital stays don't fall behind in school.

Families who set up a birthday party will receive a birthday kit, including a ceramic piggy bank and paint pen for birthday party guests to sign.

Small Change - Big Difference.

So, my children and I are hosting our own online Birthday Party right now!

Here's the scoop.

Every little bit makes a BIG difference to the kids in the hospital. It's easy to donate. Just click here.

I'm calling my campaign on Mix -- Gift it Forward.

I'm investing in a hospital that I may never have to use. I'm investing in a hospital that I'm grateful exists and is close to home. I'm teaching my kids about giving and kindness. 

Won't you join me?



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