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Shopping for Fall: La~De~Da in the Northland

Written by: Jenny

I love to shop. No, like, I REALLY love to shop! Especially boutiques. Local. Warm. Fun. Charming. THAT'S what I love the most! And that's why La~De~Da is one of my favorites!

First, let me tell you that they have moved. You may have shopped their awesome store at Zona, but now they're located in Burlington Creek. I loved the original, but I may be even more in love with this new location!

One of the things I like best about boutique shopping is the one-on-one attention. I always enjoy getting to know the gals who work the store. It's really cool when they start to understand your personal style and can pull things for you to try on -- things you may not have ever considered on your own -- only to discover a new look/trend/style! So fun.

That's exactly what you'll experience at La~De~Da. The sweetest staff. Very helpful. GREAT prices and good staples for your fall wardrobe!

La~De~Da has a little something for everyone. Candles, home decor, boots, purses.

You deserve it. Take a few minutes for yourself and do some shopping at one of my favorite boutiques in the Northland! I'll probably see you there!


6058 NW 63rd Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64151



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