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Time... fast or slow?

Written by: Brian Matthys, DO at Sunflower Dermatology

Summer is quickly passing and the time keeps cruising. I can't believe we are already speaking about back to school! Incredible. 

Isn't it funny how time has been the same forever but that it can seem like it goes fast or slow. Some of us remember summer vacation fondly and wish we could go back while others are impatiently waiting for the next thing to start. 

That's how time works... always clicking one second at a time. 

Our body, and specifically our skin, shows the results of time each day. We don't notice it so much, but each day we get 86,400 seconds older. It is trite yet true to say 'make each second count'.

But do we do it? Do we truly live to make each second count? I can say it is my goal, but it doesn't happen as frequently as I would like. 

Each day I council patients on how to make each second count for their skin. Protect it from the sun, wear sunscreen, no purposeful tanning. Each day I say it... and I mean it. 


Because 90% of wrinkles are due to sun exposure.  And, wearing sunscreen decreases your risk of skin cancer by 50% if used on all exposed skin daily. But equally important is that it may slow time down just a bit. 

Imagine this... that putting a cream on your face, neck, and ears may slow down time just a bit

Well, that is my hope, at least.  Father time will always march on, but I would like to trip him up a little. If a cream, serum or anything can do it, then GO FOR IT

You have a choice to slow down time – start today so you can achieve better skin for a better life.

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