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Shopping: The online boutique we've all been waiting for!

Written by: Brooke

Every girl loves to shop. But, not every girl has the time, right?!

I was thrilled to meet with Alexa, the owner of Anchora Bella Boutique the other day. Ladies, this is THE online boutique we've all been waiting for!

She puts the cutest outfits together for us... so we can just go to the site and order.

Shop dresses, pants, fun flowy trendy tops, cute graphic tees and accessories. And the prices? Amazing.

Alexa, has always had a love for clothing -- you can tell immediately when you go to her site! She is from Kansas City, Missouri -- so she knows all of the trends the Midwest needs and is always ahead of the game. 

It's so fun getting that package on your door step with new fashion goodies!

Check 'em out online or inside the collaborative boutique, Trendz (151st + Nall)

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