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Make the Most of YOUR Story: Meet Life Liberator, Jodie Rodenbaugh!

Written by: Jenny

I. LOVE. When I connect with someone immediately. When you just 'get' exactly what someone is saying. 

Eye contact. That's a big one for me! I love a heartfelt conversation where there aren't any awkward moments, no one is distracted, there is lots of eye contact and just that feeling that the other person is sincerely listening to you and vice versa.

That is exactly how I felt the first time I met Jodie. 

I call her a Life Coach. She refers to herself as a Life Liberator. I think we're both right!

Her philosophy? 'Life is way too short to be wasted on anything that does not serve you, grow you, or bring you joy.' Boy, isn't that the truth?

Jodie knows a thing or two about the brevity of this life. In November of 2008, she found herself widowed and pregnant with two other small children. She had a 'death in life' experience where suddenly everything made sense, when nothing made sense anymore.

All of that makes sense to me because my sister lost her husband, tragically, just a few months earlier that very same year.

That sudden, intense loss shook my entire family to our core. It also gave me a personal sense of what a gift every single day of this life truly is. We MUST make the most of our time on Earth. Otherwise? What's the point?

Jodie has since dedicated her life to sharing her story and teaching from her experiences to empower others to choose life, choose love, and take ownership of where they are, so they can lead themselves and in turn, lead their children into their greatness.

Do you need help with a decision? Want someone to help you put your dreams into motion? Do you feel stuck and unsatisfied with your life -- need to get on track with your life plan?

Are YOU brave enough to make a bold change even when where you are is good enough?

Jodie has been training her whole life to do one thing. Rebuild families and teach people how to love and lead themselves to their own desires and experience personal greatness.

Talk to Jodie. You will LOVE her. I'm so excited for you and for your future.

Life IS short. We must make the most of our story.

Jodie Rodenbaugh CPC, CPT, M ED







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