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Life. Changing. Hair. Treatment. NOT EVEN KIDDING.

Written by: Brooke

Do you spend 45 minutes on YOUR hair to walk out the door and then... POOF. You have an amazing (or... not-so-amazing) frizz ball?!!

Well. That WAS me and it was SO beyond frustrating.

For me, getting ready is a major chore and honestly... I hate it. I prefer hair in a pony (let the madness be hidden), sweats, and tennis shoes. But, I can't live in that attire every day.

My husband and I had a date night a couple of weekends ago. I got ready. Not gonna lie, felt kinda sassy (ya know, gotta look good for my man). Walked out the door. Headed into the restaurant. Went to the restroom to check out my 'do and UGH! There was the MASSIVE poof.  

My hubby is the sweetest. He really is. But, he noticed the poof that night. I knew it was time to do something.

So, I called my sweet friends at Arista Hair Solutions. I asked them what I could do about the craziness?! Without hesitation, they recommended the Keratin Treatment. I booked my appointment for the following week.

I couldn't wait for my hair intervention.

The day arrived. I walked into the salon and was greeted by Maggie (super sweet). I asked her a ton of questions. She answered them all in detail! I was so excited. The one phrase she kept saying that stuck with me -- she said, 'this is going to be LIFE CHANGING for you, Brooke'.

Let the games begin.

She got to work. End result... wait for it... life changing. I mean. LIFE changing.

No more frizz. None. My hair is so smooth. I now blow dry my hair in half the time - and all I have to do is run a flat iron through it (briefly) and voila! Done.

I have naturally curly, coarse hair. So, I'm BEYOND happy with my results. It is a MUST try.

5341 W 151st Street, Overland Park KS 66224





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