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Travel team makes magic happen and a GIVEAWAY!

Written by: Molly Gentz from Magic Mouse Travel, Authorized Disney Vacation Planning Agency

So.  Your family wants to go on vacation.  If you have kids, one word most likely comes to mind:  Disney.  Disneyland, Disney World, Disney cruise … the choices alone can be overwhelming.  Every prince and princess deserves to experience the magic of Disney, and let’s face it, when the kids are happy, mom and dad are happy.  Disney parks and cruises are the perfect place for your family to stay together, play together and make yes, magical, memories together.

Planning for any vacation can be a stressor.  Where to go, when to go, how long to stay, what to pack .. that is where your sheKC Travel Team from Magic Mouse/Off to Anyland Travel come in. I will never travel again without using an agent.  It’s just too easy and convenient to use them vs. not.  I actually feel sorry for people who don’t!   Why use a travel agent to plan your next Disney – or ANY – family vacation?  Well, let’s see …

-          Disney is confusing.  There, I said it.  Let the mouse strike me down!  But I can’t tell you how many people have no idea how hard it is narrow down room choices, choose a dining plan or think they can walk (gasp!) from the castle to “that big ball” at Epcot.  There are new events and promotions released all the time, making it almost impossible for a non-agent to keep up on everything.  An agent will take all that stress and guess work out of the equation for you.


-          You can still have control.  Yes, I know some of you out there are well, control freaks, and want to plan every.  Single.  Detail.  Of your trip.  Fine with us!  Go ahead!  Your sheKC Travel Team can help guide those decisions, give advice or just help with payments – totally up to you.  If you are like my friend Jenny from Olathe, who said, “Molly, do whatever you want and call me when payment is due,” that works too!  Different strokes for different folks, and we totally understand that.


-          We can answer all your travel related questions from can we take a bottle of wine on the cruise, what shoes do you wear in the parks, to where to find a cool spot to hang out with your toddler during the day.  It’s a real live, person, handling all aspects of your trip – maybe you want to add a Universal Studios portion to your vacation, including the transfers, park entry and hotel.  Easy peasy for us! Jennifer of Raytown, raves, “You knew so much about the area, it was easier chatting with you than searching around online.  I had no idea where to start and you gave us quotes and booked our trip in one evening!”  It’s kind of like having a Fairy Godmother on speed dial – and we don’t disappear after midnight.



-          Money.  None of us have that money tree dropping dollars in our backyard, we all want the most bang for our buck.  Booking through our sheKC Travel Team means you are getting the best deal on a trip tailored to fit your family’s needs.  We’ll even let you know if a discount is released on your current vacation.  If you book a trip directly through Disney, or a resort chain, I can promise you will not receive a personalized phone call letting you know you may be eligible to save some cash on a new promotion or receive a room upgrade.  Enter another service your agent provides to you. 


-          Speaking of saving you money … how about saving you some time?  Do you want to get up at five a.m. to make a dining reservation?  Are you prepared to tell your daughter you missed the window for a fast pass for the new Frozen ride?  Does waiting over an hour in line to meet Darth Vader sound like a good time?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Enter in your SheKC Travel Team.  “Molly planned everything from our Disney Characters meals to even our fast passes.   We knew when and where to be at the “special times”.  From grandkids to grandparents, everyone had a wonderful time,” Barbara explains, after just returning from a magical vacation.  Our team knows when to make these reservations and how to link them into your personalized, online and app friendly itinerary.



And last but not least, it’s free.  Yes, FREE.  It costs you NOTHING.  Nothing out of your pocket and it will save you time and money.  Seems like a no brainer!  In fact, Disney and other vendors WANT you to use an agent, because you’re more likely to visit their property again when you have an amazing experience!  Maggie from Wichita commented, “One thing that really stood out to me when we were there is that I would have been so lost if you didn’t have everything put together so nicely.  I think it would have been overwhelming and would have negatively impacted my experience.”  Our team is here for you, the client, and we can cater to you no matter where you live, what your budget is, or what kind of vacation fits your family. We want you to have a wonderful trip, full of memories that will last a lifetime.  So the question isn’t why should you use a sheKC Travel agent, the question is, why wouldn’t you?!?




Our agents also give away great gifts!!  You could win the sheKC Travel Team’s favorite travel accessories!


Book a trip from now through September by either initiating contact through the form here or emailing us at and mentioning sheKC. Your name will go into a drawing to win a Baggallini Travel Sling filled with some of our favorite travel items: A Minnie Ear Headband, Thorlo Socks, a Portable Phone Charger, Suitcase Organizing Bags and More!


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