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Sunday Fun Day! Here's the plan...

Written by: Jenny and Brooke

We are having the BEST weekend! Spent all day Saturday at Chick Events at Park Place in Leawood. Didn't make it? Have no fear. It's going on again SUNDAY 9/11/16! Yippee!

You. Will. Love. It.

Here's a peek at our sheKC booth:

And there is OH so much more. We had a chance to walk around and check out all of the other amazing vendors and we were like kids in a candy shop. So many great things. KC clothing, artwork, jewelry, kid's clothes... you just have to come by and check it out.

And, when you stop by the sheKC booth, there's a good possibility we'll be busting out the lyrics to 'Ice Ice Baby' because that DID happen today (thanks to two of our awesome customers who had no shame, right along with Jenny!)

Not like you need another reason to come to Chick Events on Sunday... but if ya do! WEATHER. Let's discuss. It is absolutely one of the most gorgeous weekends in KC we've had in a long time.

So, be sure to swing by and see us! We're at the beginning, right next to the check-in near the circle drive at Park Place. Sunday, 11 - 5... it's a date. Can't wait.

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