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she3: Overland Park rocks, a Facebook trick + a sweet Katy Perry moment.

Written by: Jenny

1. The 'Best City' in the country has been named! Based on everything from playgrounds and parks to the crime rate. And the winner is... OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS! Congrats!

2. A new study found that sharing something on Facebook makes you more likely to remember it! Interesting and maybe I'll start doing that. Except I'm pretty sure no one wants to read my 'to-do' or grocery list in their feed! (I have to write everything down or it doesn't happen. My kids have stolen all of my brain cells.)

3. This brought tears to my eyes. A REALLY sweet moment between Katy Perry and a survivor of the Orlando nightclub shooting. Katy offers to help pay for his first year of film school so he could achieve his dreams. #sheKCkindnessproject loves this. A lot.


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