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REbeL: Changing the Definition of Beauty and Health

Written by: Jenny

If a time machine existed, I would definitely go back to certain stages of my life. However, one area that I'm pretty sure I would avoid... the ol' high school days. Don't get me wrong, I loved cheerleading, sleepovers and that carefree feeling that exists only prior to entering the 'real world'. But, those teen years were full of insecurities and a longing to fit in.

My mom was so RIGHT about so many things. Mom, if you're reading this -- now it's in print. I said it. And I mean it.

Her most famous words, 'be true to yourself'. Every time I have tried to fight that in my life, it's always failed. We are each so unique and have our own gifts, strengths and weaknesses. No one is any better or worse than another. We are all just different and that can be a beautiful thing... as long as society is accepting, understanding, compassionate and embraces those differences.

I think we've come a long way. We still have a long way to go. To help get us there, organizations like REbeL exist. 

Brooke and I found out about REbeL and knew we needed to share their mission and message here at sheKC.

REbeL is a group of educated, determined students who have committed to redefining beauty for every body. A student-driven, peer education program designed to address body image issues and disordered eating. But, they aren't like most organizations. They drive change - in the way people view themselves, in their self-confidence, in their understanding of beauty. They're a group of students making a profound impact.

Won't you join the REbeLution?

Their 'Be You Bash' is coming up this Friday, September 16th. My dear friend and fellow Mix 93.3 DJ, Dave O. is emceeing! Click here for more information if you'd like to join in on the fun and help a fantastic cause.




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