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Urban Air Will Make Ya -- JUMP, JUMP!

Written by: Jenny and Brooke


I used to be a cheerleader. I think it's forever in my blood. I can't go anywhere near a trampoline without attempting a toe touch. I do have to remind myself of my age and the fact that I'm not quite as flexible as I was back in the day! But, I still give it my all (and generally pay for it the next day with a reminder that some of my muscles could really stand a more frequent workout!) All kidding aside... it is a FANTASTIC unexpected workout!

We had family in town, not too long ago, and were looking for something fun and different to do to keep everybody entertained. We had heard about Urban Air Trampoline Park and decided to give it a shot. BEST. DAY. EVER.

My nieces (pre-teen) and my kids (both under six) LOVED it! They jumped, flipped, climbed and laughed til they were just completely worn out (hint, hint moms and dads... WEAR 'EM OUT at Urban Air!)

My brother-in-law, my husband, my father-in-law and of course, I had to join in -- played a super fun and competitive game of dodge ball AND trampoline basketball (now THAT'S fun!) And, I'll tell ya what wore US out -- the 'warrior course'. WOW. Talk about a true challenge of physical ability!

Anyway, it was a fabulous day and we all left in agreement that we would have to make that a regular event each time they come to town!

Since that day, I've been back to Urban Air for birthday parties and weekend fun. Same experience every time. FUN, FUN and MORE FUN.

I highly recommend Urban Air!


I take my kiddos to Urban Air ALL of the time. Like Jenny said above, it wears 'em out! And, not gonna lie... with two little ones who seem to have more energy than my husband and I combined, we are always looking for ways to do that!

My daughter, Ellie, loves Urban Air so much, she begged to have her birthday party there a few weeks ago. Can I just tell you... they made it all TOO easy. It was extremely organized. Kids of all ages at the party LOVED it. Truly, a seamless process. We just had to show up and as a busy, working mom with a zillion things going on at all times... that made my life extremely easy.

Urban Air Overland Park

14401 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66223


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