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Running with Purpose: The 2nd Annual Path to Parenthood 5k

Written by: Jenny

The shirt on my back that I wore as I ran this morning says it all. 'Believes in Miracles'. And that, I sure do. Actually, Brooke and I both do. 

I struggled with infertility for over three years. I went through pretty much every procedure, test and treatment available. To make a very long, emotional story short -- after six miscarriages and countless failed cycles, I am on the other side of things now and I feel like the luckiest person on the entire planet to have my two children, Julianne and Miles. True miracles.

Brooke supported me during my roughest days. Who knew that years later, we'd switch roles and I would support her through two of her own miscarriages.

The Kansas City Infertility Awareness Foundation. A cause close to both of our hearts, for sure.

We were so thrilled to sponsor and present KCIA with a check for $500 this morning -- proceeds from each and every one of our 'Hopeful' tees we sold in our sheSHOP over the last couple of months at This money will go toward grants that KCIA awards to couples to help pay for their infertility treatments which are generally not covered at all by insurance.

If you would like to make a donation to KCIA, click here! Every dollar is appreciated and put to not just good... but AMAZING use. To help couples in Kansas City achieve their dream of becoming parents. Anyone with that wish should have the chance. It's the sweetest, most amazing gift in the world. One that I don't take for granted... ever.

We were in good company today at the race! sheKC partner and friends from Fit Bottomed World, with their own infertility stories to tell ran alongside us!


As we ran today, we had moments where we both got pretty tired. But, seeing the signs along the path -- 'in support of...' -- it just pushed us to keep going.

And that is my hope for anyone reading this who is currently on their own journey to become a mom or dad. Keep going. 

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