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Mommy Challenges: Kindergarten Woes + A Sleep Chart

Written by: Jenny

Whew. Kindergarten started a couple of weeks ago and it has been QUITE the adjustment for my little girl, Julianne. My son is in Preschool and doing just fine -- just like she did back then! Lots of play and nap time. Learning a lot too!

But, Kindergarten is the REAL DEAL. 

When I was in Kindergarten, it was only a half-day and I just remember doing lots of arts and crafts, playing, singing -- stuff like that. 

Well, my girl is definitely experiencing those things too. But, she is LEARNING a LOT. I'm honestly amazed. Comparing then to now, I think my Kindergarten experience was more like late Preschool or early Pre-K. Times they have changed!

And it's a good thing. I'm thrilled that she's learning so much. But, that said - big adjustment.

One thing I've noticed is that she is SUPER tired after school and honestly - kind of a crank-monster! Really not into chit chatting with me about her school day (which for her, is unusual). I thought maybe she was coming down with a cold or something.

I found out what's really going on the other day when I sort of called her out on her attitude and short temper. She burst into tears. I felt like a horrible mom for not recognizing the things that were bothering her.

I held her tightly for a long time while she sobbed. She said she misses nap time. She misses taking a stuffed animal to school. She misses having more time to play with her friends. It broke my heart.

I reassured her. I told her she could still take her 'bunny' to school, just keep it in her backpack. I went to Target and bought her a treat because my mom guilt makes me do things like that!

Anyway, she's had much better days since then. 

It's funny. Even at the tender age of five, sometimes a girl just needs a good cry. I can relate to that so much! I'm not even sure my words changed anything for her that day. But, holding her and just letting her vent. I believe that's what she needed.

I also think she needs an earlier bedtime. A friend sent this chart to me and if it's accurate, I need to get her to bed about an hour earlier! 

Thought I'd share with you because I thought it was pretty interesting!

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