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Pictures with a Purpose: 'The Self Love Project'

Written by: Jenny with Brandi Wisdom of BNW Photography

Hey there, it's Jenny. Brooke and I were fortunate enough to work with one of the sweetest women in KC for our most recent sheKC photo shoot. Brandi Wisdom of BNW Photography. You can't help but love her the minute you meet her because she is upbeat, kind and just makes a shoot feel relaxed and totally fun! I speak for both of us when I say -- she's awesome, incredibly talented and we adore her.

I wanted to blog about Brandi's business to spread the word about what an incredible photographer she is. Brandi only had one message in mind. 'The Self Love Project' she recently shot and shared on social media.

It's beautiful. It's powerful. It has so much heart -- just like Brandi.

I'll let her take it from here...

If my camera could talk, I'm sure it would have many stories to share. It has seen people of all ages. Births. Deaths. The happiest of occasions. The worst of times. 

My career in photography challenges my limits every day. It also challenges my heart and pushes me to make a difference.

If i'm not touching a person's heart in my work, I'm not doing my job correctly.

'The Self Love Project' means a lot to me. My camera was the tool to help women send a message.

Words can hurt. But we are not defined by what someone has labeled us. You don't define me. I define me.

I was inspired by Jess Fielder Photography (East Coast photographer), and it was an honor to bring the Project to Kansas City.

Thank you for embracing these brave women and their message. My hope is to continue to create beautiful art and challenge my own limits for all of my clients.

~ Brandi Wisdom

BNW Photography

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